Benefits of Pet Insurance in U.S.A

It goes without saying that we embrace dogs, cats and other companion animals as full-fledged family members. Many of us scrutinize pet food labels to pick healthy choices, scour the pet supply store for just the right bed and delight in treating them with oodles of toys. Yet, according to the latest American Pet Products Association’s Pet Owners Survey, only 4% of Dog Owners and 1% of Cat Owners carry in the U.S carry pet insurance. Even so, purchasing a pet insurance can undoubtedly reward many benefits:

Choosing your veterinarian

Pet Insurance allows you to pick your veterinarian. Unlike human health insurance policies that may require you to use a specific health care provider, pet insurance policies allow you to obtain care from the veterinarian of your choosing. You simply provide the veterinary bill to the insurance company for reimbursement of qualified expenses. 

No discrimination

Does not discriminate against any breed or age of pet. While it is advisable to obtain pet insurance as soon as you adopt your pet to obtain lower premiums, you can also insure your pet years later. 

Personal Preference of Treatment

Delivers peace of mind. Having pet insurance allows you to choose treatments for your ailing or injured pet based on the best medical option available and not restricted based on family finances. Most pet insurance policies reimburse up to 80% of costs after deductibles. 

Manageable Based on your Budget

Provides an easy way to budget pet care costs. Pet insurance policies can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You decide which payment plan works best for you. Most plans offer discounts for additional pets in the household. 

Easy on your family’s emergency funds

Prevents dipping into the family’s emergency fund. True, you can set up a pet savings account, but it can be tough to discipline one’s self from dipping into this designated account when you face pricey car repairs, household renovations or other major unexpected expenses.

And, most importantly, pet insurance coverage could save—and extend—the life of your pet by enabling you to authorize the medical treatment your pet needs should he develop cancer or require surgery.

Helper of last resort

We never know when a problem might arise because loss or sickness can occur anytime. But with the best choice of pet insurance and the qualified veterinarian lies with you. So giving your pet the best may prove time and budget saving in your pocket. Also when a serious crisis may occur for your loved pet, you can always count on its best health from the experts. Otherwise, like the saying goes better late than sorry.

Hammad Ul Haque