Bloating- Associated with PMS

The week or couple days before your menstrual period can be just as uncomfortable and annoying as during your period. However, this can be managed with some lifestyle changes, dietary supplements and perhaps medications.

The reason we are likely to retain water during the premenstrual time is not completely clear but many sources point the blame to hormonal changes, heredity, and diet, specifically a lack of vitamins or too much salt.

Some tips to help fend off bloating:

·         Participate in physical activity daily: Women who regularly participate in physical fitness activities have reported to have fewer PMS symptoms.

·         Reduce your SALT: Check the labels on prepackaged foods, a lot of the food industry uses salts to preserve meats and prolong shelf life in other products. Don’t add extra salt to foods at the table until you have tasted if first.

·         Eat Healthy: Include many fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and seeds while avoiding things like caffeine and alcohol.

What about supplements?

Not much research has gone into finding supplement cures for PMS symptoms but the ones that do show some positive effects from calcium, magnesium, thiamine & riboflavin, and vitamin E. Always consult your provider or pharmacist before you take any dietary supplements as some can be harmful to those with diabetes or heart disease.

Medication is another option that should be considered after diet and lifestyle changes have had no effect.  Diuretics can help to reduce the fluid buildup but do have an associated risk causing of kidney damage if taken with anti-inflammatory drugs or ibuprofen. Birth Control Pills have been shown to reduce many physical PMS symptoms and may aid you in your fight against bloating. But remember everyone is different and thus everyone’s body responds differently to medications.