Caring For and Maintaining Healthy Skin

It has been understood that the skin is the human body parts most important to the style and appearance of a person. So important body part in, i made a lot of people are looking for ways and programs and do everything they can to keep her health. Even many of those who willingly and without calculation of the cost up to tens of millions for the sake of obtaining a beautiful healthy skin appearance. In fact, if they want a little learning, they do not need to spend a lot of money to do plastic surgery or other treatment.

Caring for and Maintaining Healthy Skin

Then, How come keep our skin to keep it beautiful and healthy ?. Lots of tips and ways you can get through a health magazine and other health media, including online media. So, you are lucky that our finding and reading this article because below we will provide tips for taking care of the skin to stay beautiful and healthy. Please do, and let your friends and family to another. The following tips:

1. Lots of Drinking Water

 Undeniable that the white water is a natural resource that can provide benefits to millions of living beings, including humans. One of the benefits of the most prominent is to maintain the health and beauty of the skin. By drinking enough water, you will avoid the stress of the skin. In addition, water can also prevent you from skin wrinkles. The amount of water you should be consuming on a daily basis is at least 8 glasses. How to drink it must be done well and not drinking origin. You have to drink it little by little so that the water is more durable in the body.

2. Enough Sleep
Maintain healthy skin can also be done with enough sleeping habits. The recommended way is to set the sleep time and correctly. According to the study, skin of someone less sleep will become dull, wrinkles, and uneven skin color. Therefore, for those of you who want a healthy and supple skin, you have to set the time to sleep properly and well. Standart tidurminimal time in a 24 hour period is 7 hours. Within seven hours, the skin will regenerate so that the next day you will look fresher.
3. Avoid Direct Sunlight
In addition to maintaining a break, you can also maintain healthy skin by avoiding direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will make your skin becomes dull and dry. Therefore, you should wear a jacket or sweater when they want to go out of the house, iron and summer.
4. Avoid Foods Containing Sugar
According to the research, foods containing sugar is too high will cause the collagen and elastin damage. If it happens like that, your skin will be wrinkled and sagging. Therefore, limit consumption of sugar in order to keep your skin fresh and healthy. Replace foods that contain lots of sugar with fruit and vegetables. The thing you need to do because fruits and vegetables are sources of foods that contain vitamins and minerals that are good for skin health.
 5. Using Natural Mask
To prevent your skin from acne, use a mask of young corn. To avoid dull face, wear a mask cucumber. whereas to avoid acne scars, you can use a mask of lemon.
6. Perform Routine Maintenance
Air pollution is very possible to make your skin becomes dry and dull. Therefore, you need to cleanse your skin to keep it looking clean and fresh. Wash your face at least three times a day. This is important because air pollution is one of the causes of acne. For that diligent washing face and bath 2 times in one day.