Dangers of not having Home Insurance

Our house is a priced possession and luxury good for us. We live, stay and enjoy in our lively home to us it is the biggest achievement since it is the only investment that lives till our grandchildren. Of course, just like any investment, there are bound to be risk and danger factors that we would have to suffer. This isn’t a Utopian world, so it means there are bound to be harsh and bitter realities that we would have to face. No one wants their precious home to be destroyed or damaged. But there are many dangers associated which could await you if you don’t have homeowner insurance. 


It is amazing to have a brand new house. You just got a promotion and decided to hire a maid since you wouldn’t want your lovely wife to work hard. Suddenly the house is on fire, why? Because the maid didn’t know how to cook or turn the oven on. This could happen because if it didn’t there wouldn’t be a fire department to put out the fire. So the loss of the fire is now on your shoulders and this could cause a great expense on your behalf.


Your security alarms may provide an alert of the theft that is happening in your house. But what will you do if you are away from the house and the robber broke into your house and stole all your stuff? All because you didn’t have a safeguard for your house when this type of situation would occur. This caused all your belongings to be taken from you and with the additional expenses that are incurred because of that situation. 

Internal household repairs

There is always ongoing housework whether it is a busted pipeline or a window break due to high winds or some sort of electricity shortage etc. There is always bound to repair charges that you would have to Pay for then. By having home insurance you can save yourself from these petty ongoing expenses. This way at least you won’t have a busted water pipe when you are taking a shower.


If you live in windy parts of the country and have experienced tornado before than you know how much is to be cleaned up afterward. Home insurance policies can help ease in the budgets and make you feel safe and tension free when disasters occur. Otherwise, you are just gonna have a pile of rubble with no money to pay for the repair damages. 

Hammad Ul Haque