Finding Strength in Family History

As members of the church we are often encouraged to find our ancestors and help do work for those that have passed on. We often overlook that in doing their works, we are also lifting ourselves. By learning more about our ancestors, we can gain insights through their life experiences. We can find strength and courage through their struggles to overcome our own trials.

To some the task of finding family can be quite large. You might be the only one listed in your family tree. There’s a simple way to start, add your immediate family and then branch out from there. Soon you will have your grandparents and their children (your uncles and aunts). You can even add your cousins in from there. If you run out of relatives you’ve met in person start asking your family about other family they knew growing up. They might have stories that you will be surprised you never heard!

It’s also important to record stories that are happening today. You might get to an age where you wish you could tell the stories of your youth, but your memory may fail you. Prepare for that possibility by keeping a journal and taking photos (include a short description of what’s happening.) Photos create wonderful recollections and memories. Finding out more about your ancestors also helps you become more acquainted with your living family.  Spending quality time with your family brings peace to our homes.

 See how a grandfather influenced his granddaughters by talking about his experiences during Pearl Harbor.

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