Hair Care: What You're Doing Wrong!

As girls we love to take care of our hair, but we aren’t always the best at it.  There are all sorts of advertisements trying to tell us which products to buy and what will fix our damaged hair but what works and what doesn’t?  What can you do to have healthier hair naturally?  How can you make your thin hair look fuller?  Here are some tips and tricks to help you have fuller, healthier, better looking hair.

Brush your hair BEFORE washing– hair is much more likely to break when wet and wet hair tangles more easily.  Save yourself some trouble and wash your tresses when they are tangle free.

Don’t wash every day– MOST hair does not need daily washing.  Unless your hair has excessive oil, stick with washing every other day.  Unnecessary washing can strip the healthy oils on your scalp and leave your hair with less shine.

Lightly towel dry– There is no need to be rough with the towel when drying your hair.  Rubbing too much can lead to breakage so try blotting your hair with a towel and then if you decide to use a blow dryer, use the low setting.  Hair that is shoulder length is approximately 2 years old, so be careful with it!

Use a heat protectant– If you like to blow dry, straighten, curl, or otherwise apply heat to your hair, use a heat protectant first.  Make sure to get a non-greasy, light product.

Blow dry upside down– If you’re looking to add volume to your hair, blow dry upside down to give your roots a little lift from the start.  Also use a volumizing powder to help your roots hold all day.

Curl the ends under– By straightening your ends, it makes the rest of your hair look thinner.  So if you already have thin hair, try curling the ends under to give it more body.

You can’t mend split ends!– Hair is a non-living thing so once you split a hair it isn’t growing back together, despite what product advertisements claim.  The only thing the FDA regulates on hair product packaging is the ingredient list so other claims made are based solely on the person manufacturing it. 
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