Importance of Courier Insurance and Coverage Plans

Many people believe that insurance companies can only help you in life threatening situations. They assume that the only goods that you can insure is the house and the vehicle, and that’s about it.

Well, the good news is that you can get an insurance for everything, including for your shipped packages!

 Why do you need insurance for your courier?

As we all know, it’s not always easy and simple to send or receive a package. Apart from the postal fees that can be quite high in some places, you are never completely sure that your package will reach its destination safe and complete.

If you want to send fragile goods, you have to make sure that you pack them properly to prevent any damage during the transport. Even so, there is a good chance that the package will get some kind of damage, and usually there’s no one to pay for it!

Even more than this, sometimes the receiver has the unpleasant surprise to notice that the contents of the package are changed, especially when the goods are valuable. What can you do if something gets stolen from your package? Not much, except if you have an insurance!

How the insurance works?

In this case, you pay a small amount of money every time you send a package. The amount of money depends on the value of the package and how fragile it is. More often than not, nothing will happen to your package.

However, if something goes wrong the insurance company will have to compensate you with the full (or partial) value of the package.

Is it important to tell them how much the package is worth?

Well, yes. If you declare a smaller value (which reduces the shipping costs) they will only reimburse you with the amount that you have originally declared.

Why risk and worry every time you have to send a package? The insurance company can make all your concerns go away! 
Loredana Cristiana