Mobile Phone Insurance Makes You Tensions Free

Smartphone or mobile phone insurance is actually a beneficial part of a person. Just like other insurances, there is always a risk factor for your precious belongings. However, to the contrary view, if you have an insured platform, there just might be a way to minimize your loss. But on the plus side, it also has its benefits. 

Replacements and deductibles

People with smartphone insurance are sometimes surprised to find that they have to pay a deductible when filing a claim. But, just because you have to pay a deductible when filing a claim doesn’t mean insurance is pointless; with insurance, you’ll still come out way ahead. 

The average cost of a non-contract smartphone—that is, one that doesn’t come for some remarkably low price when you sign a multiple year contract—is $545. The average deductible is quite a bit lower, even when factoring in the monthly insurance fees.

Filing a claim is very easy

Contrary to popular belief, filing a mobile insurance claim is not a pain in the neck and you will not be on hold for hours. You can make a claim with Asurion 24 hours a day, seven days a week, online or over the phone. Plus, Asurion sends *96 percent of its replacement phones out for next-business-day delivery. That sure beats making an appointment at your neighborhood cell phone carrier for the privilege of paying full price for a replacement.

Risk of repairs done by third parties

You may not always have the option to get your phone fixed if it breaks. If your phone can be repaired, you have some options, but device repairs often void the manufacturer warranty on your smartphone. Generally, this does not apply to lost, stolen or waterlogged devices.  Plus, if anything else were to happen to it, the maker is off the hook and you’re stuck with a bill.

Peace of Mind

Some believe insurance just isn’t a good value since ‘you probably won’t ever need it.’ It’s true, you may never lose your phone. You may never drop your phone in the toilet or launch it off the roof of a thirteen-story building. Similarly, you may also never get into a car accident, but you still need car insurance. The bottom line is, you’re taking a risk without phone insurance.

Hammad Ul Haque