Insurance Coverage for Long Term Disability

Disability is something that can occur to anyone at anytime. Imagine you are working and suddenly unable to work for the company, this would lead huge impacts on your life on different scales. In the U.S alone more than 15 percent of workers at age 20 become disabled due to multiple reasons. This not only presents the fact for the need of insurance coverage on long-term disability but also its benefits on higher scales. 

Coverage schemes

Insurance for long-term disability covers when the short term insurance expires ( which is of the period of three to six months). This covers an employees income percentage during the time of his/her recovery phase. It mostly gives out a monthly payment which is 50-60 percent of his or her monthly salary depending on the type of policy that you opted best for yourself. This allows the burden to be shifted from the employee while providing a coverage till the time the employee gets back into work. 


This type of insurance helps the person to relax and stay bed rested till the time he/she can work again. If you are the sole person of a family who earns, then it will allow you to feel eased and receive the disability payments. Imagine you earn income for yourself and personal needs and suddenly you get extremely ill and unable to work. Who will cover for your income and expenses till the tenure of recovery? And suppose it last for 5 to 6 years. This will be problematic for you and for your future job position. This way the employer also covers for the employee’s personal position till he/she is well able to work again. 

Long-term Disability 

If your disability is expected long-term which is more than the period you expected than it is not a big deal. The insurance will work until the time you have been fully fit and able. Long-term disability insurance works other than job-related injuries and that is covered by workers compensation. This opens a door for employees to feel relax and safe in working, going home from work and enjoying a great time. Not only that it has a flexible system that the people can easily interact and find the package best suited to their needs. 
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Marriage Insurance Can Pay More When you Need

Marriage is one of the biggest joy and one of the most important part of your life. The day when you accept the second half of yourself into a long binding commitment. No doubt this day is not only valuable for you but also for your spouses loved ones and their relatives. This commitment requires ever lasting love to be given, the joy of having a new loved one and the start of an unending journey of two people till death. But this memorable day requires to be already planned for the future so that nothing goes out of order at the last minute. Marriage insurance has many benefits which insure that you and your loved one don’t have a troubled time.

Planning for the catering

You cant say its a marriage without a good seven meal course catering. Most people often forget to find the right budget for the catering and serving. Its because the budget runs out for the people on the second dish. This glorious day means the world to you and to your spouse, hence Marriage insurance makes sure that you don’t suffer from such type of budget problem on catering. Hence giving ease to you and your spouse to write down the vows in spare time or even find the right type of music to be played at entrance. 

Guests and Management

All expenses regarding your marriage will be done by the Company. Ever wonder that few people are invited on this day of rejoice. Well that’s because its hard to accommodate so many people into a venue and also provide the best management service for them so that they don’t feel left out. Marriage Insurance Allows the person to be completely call in the list of people they want to invite. The management would also be insured that it will be of the best top service.

Allows a good payout 

Marriage insurance gives out a good payout in case you don’t get married. Meaning even if you don’t feel like marrying at the moment you might as well take the cash benefit instead from the company and live your life out. Anything is now possible in this new era. And well when you feel like getting married, the money is already in your hand to spend again.   

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Dangers of not having Home Insurance

Our house is a priced possession and luxury good for us. We live, stay and enjoy in our lively home to us it is the biggest achievement since it is the only investment that lives till our grandchildren. Of course, just like any investment, there are bound to be risk and danger factors that we would have to suffer. This isn’t a Utopian world, so it means there are bound to be harsh and bitter realities that we would have to face. No one wants their precious home to be destroyed or damaged. But there are many dangers associated which could await you if you don’t have homeowner insurance. 


It is amazing to have a brand new house. You just got a promotion and decided to hire a maid since you wouldn’t want your lovely wife to work hard. Suddenly the house is on fire, why? Because the maid didn’t know how to cook or turn the oven on. This could happen because if it didn’t there wouldn’t be a fire department to put out the fire. So the loss of the fire is now on your shoulders and this could cause a great expense on your behalf.


Your security alarms may provide an alert of the theft that is happening in your house. But what will you do if you are away from the house and the robber broke into your house and stole all your stuff? All because you didn’t have a safeguard for your house when this type of situation would occur. This caused all your belongings to be taken from you and with the additional expenses that are incurred because of that situation. 

Internal household repairs

There is always ongoing housework whether it is a busted pipeline or a window break due to high winds or some sort of electricity shortage etc. There is always bound to repair charges that you would have to Pay for then. By having home insurance you can save yourself from these petty ongoing expenses. This way at least you won’t have a busted water pipe when you are taking a shower.


If you live in windy parts of the country and have experienced tornado before than you know how much is to be cleaned up afterward. Home insurance policies can help ease in the budgets and make you feel safe and tension free when disasters occur. Otherwise, you are just gonna have a pile of rubble with no money to pay for the repair damages. 

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Concept of Conventional Insurance in Islam

Insurance is a premium which is paid to the person in case of any sort of loss or damage that occurs in a well defined time. Conventional insurance in Islam has many different concepts but the concept of well known Muslim scholars have great ground breaking logic which clears the concept of conventional insurance. 

Conventional Insurance formation 

Conventional insurance is something which is like an agreement between the company and the client and the client pays an amount to the company and if any loss occurs in well decided time the company pays for the losses to the client. Insurance companies take these funds and invest them or loan to other people on the high-interest rate and provide the percentage of the interest to the client also when the damages occur. 

Islamic Concept 

In Islam, many aspects of insurance were opened and after great discussion, it was found that it follows many ground rules which are prohibited by Islam. The main few reasons which are as follows:

Riba (Usuary)

In Islam and in the sharia law, Riba is prohibited and the methods by which generated are also prohibited. In Insurance, the company takes your funds for the time period and then provide a loan to people on very high-interest rates. These interests are then earned by the company and the company places a small portion of this into the client’s account. This makes claim on losses Haram for the people when they suffer. 


Gambling is also prohibited in Islam and is considered an immoral activity. Gambling is when a person places a bet for a claim of money on the chance and if he is right on his chance, he earns double the money for his initial money. The same concept applies somewhat to insurance. The insurance company takes your money and makes a claim that if you have losses in the given time, the company will pay otherwise the money will be lost. If a person has life insurance and dies the next month of payment, the company losses and has to pay. But if the person doesn’t die, the money is lost and the company wins. Thus this shows the concept of gambling which is prohibited in Islam. 

But this is not always the case as the money is given back to the person if he doesn’t die. Rather they invest the money in the high-interest bank which in Islamic concept is wrong and prohibited. 

Removes on faith on self-reliance

The biggest problem with insurance in Islamic concepts is that it removes faith from Allah and also on self-reliance. This is considered Haram and has strict punishment. By agreeing to the insurance terms, you sell half of your life on a fair chance that you will face a problem. This causes a person to lose faith and become a slave to the world and never trying to do anything out of the box. 

Hammad Ul Haque

5 Super Reasons of Vehicle/Car Insurance

Motor Vehicles are now a part of the modern world society. Most of the distances are covered because of this modern age revolutionary invention. It is really precious to us as now most of our work includes its presence to go around a place. Being an owner of this it means you must also have faced different worries and tensions regarding its and your own safety. There are many benefits of vehicle insurance that not only lessen your burdens but also create a way for your losses to be done free of cost. 

Road accident 

We all know no matter how safe drivers we are accidents are bound to happen. On road accident are more than an ever growing problem for drivers who have daily busy schedule. Most of the deaths also occur because of these road accidents. Hence it is safe to assume that there has to be a way to prevent such losses. Luckily Vehicle insurance covers on road accidents for you and for your car. It bears those damages for you and making it easy on yourself. 

Repair damages

Vehicle insurance also covers repair damages that may incur on your car. This allows the maintenance of your vehicle to be done with no unnecessary burdens and expenses of your car that might relate heavy on your pocket. 

Safeguards yourself

It not only covers your car damages but also for you and the passengers also. By giving a flexibility for your people who also drive your car it also safeguards them.


Theft is always an ongoing problem for everything precious than your own. You never know when you may get robbed of your personal belongings and the things you cherish the most. Vehicle insurance covers for theft also by providing the necessary funds to cover the loss of their precious car. Allowing all or maximum money to be recovered for the theft that has happened.

Hazardous threat 

Sometimes the engine may start to leave out smoke or the fire starts to come out of the car. In these cases, the Vehicles insurance takes no expense on their clients pocket but on their own. This way you can drive safely and with no worries of the car being out of order or hazardous for driving. 

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