Super benefits of smartphone insurance

Mobile smartphones have become so common that we often take them for granted. We don’t think about where we would be if we no longer had this expensive device. Before that happens to you, it might be a good idea to become familiar with the benefits of mobile smartphone insurance.

Could you afford a new smartphone in case of damage or lost?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. I’ve been traveling and have experienced several close calls with my smartphone. Several times my mobile phone could have had water damage, or fallen out of a car window, or been lost or stolen in an overcrowded motel lobby. The inconvenience of traveling without all of the resources in my smartphone would have been terrible. But could I even afford to buy a new phone to replace one that was lost, stolen, or damaged? Probably not.

Smartphones are an Investment

Those smartphones contain so much data that we come to depend on. It’s like carrying a mini computer in your pocket. Think of all the stored data, apps, and contacts that could be lost in a second. What if you no longer had all that functionality at your fingertips no matter where you are? I couldn’t run my business without my smartphone. I would be out of business. Not to mention the personal access to photos and music.
How many times do you consult your smartphone in a day? How much more difficult would your day have been without it? That is the primary benefit of mobile smartphone insurance: the peace of mind of knowing that no matter where you are, and no matter what happens to your mobile phone, you will be back up and running with little to no headache.

Benefits of smartphone insurance

The benefits of mobile smartphone insurance include repair and replacement when your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged accidentally. If your phone is lost or stolen, insurance also protects you against the cost of fraudulent calls that might be made using your phone. It’s bad enough to have to buy a new phone. You certainly don’t need the expense and aggravation of someone else using your mobile phone in the meantime.

Never before have we, as a society, invested in and carried around such valuable yet small pieces of technology. These powerful little devices are so vulnerable to unexpected mishaps. They are increasingly expensive to replace, even as our dependence on them for daily life and business grows. The benefits of mobile smartphone insurance become clear when we realize the investment we have made in that small box we carry with us everywhere.

Janet Eriksson