Tighten Breasts Naturally Fast Way

 How to raise breast rapidly always seems to be an interesting topic for most women, especially those who were less satisfied with the breast size have at present. Breast size is actually very much influenced by factors geentik or descent and the adequacy of nutrition during infancy or during the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics of a woman which occurred around the teens.

 The adequacy of nutrition will affect the speed of growth of breast tissue and the adequacy of the hormone estrogen regulates the process and speed of appearance of secondary sexual characteristics like breast growth.

But when the growth period has ended or woman adulthood; growth or increase breast size can also be done by methods such as the use of herbs to treat breast from the outside, massage, consumption of certain foods that trigger increase breast size as well as sports or physical exercise that right.

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Here are some ways to quickly raise breast that can be tried to get larger breast size Yag so as to increase the attractiveness to the opposite sex by making women look more sexy and attractive.

1. To do massage yiur breast

The first step to do massage your breasts with oil miracle (turtle oil, jasmine flower extract and olive oil) so that blood circulation in breast you will be smooth and prevent wrinkles skin of the breast.

How to massage the breast:

   * Take breast cream to taste, and smooth in your palms. Do the twist in opposite directions from        one breast to the other breast. Massage starting from the inside to the outside. Perform massage just  2-3 minutes, 3 times a week.

   * The second step is to give your breast mask with ingredients that can help tighten the skin of your  breast.

2. The second way, do Sports Movement Push Up.

Movement of push-ups can strengthen chest muscles which support the breasts. Increasingly tight chest muscles, the more toned breast.

3. Activity Swimming

As like physical exercise focus to increase breast size by training the upper body muscles; there are some sports that also can be used as options to raise breast quickly without the intervention of drugs – drugs, beauty supplements or herbs. One exercise you can do on a regular basis is swimming; basically a swimming motion will train the rest of the body and hand movements in the style of any pool will strengthen the upper body.

It’s good to start with a swim style that interests such as the breaststroke or freestyle in bicep shoulders, arms and chest to improve the ability of the muscles supporting and attractive breasts that look bigger quickly. Swim with style butterfly – butterfly will give you the best training effect, but this style menuntutk skills and excellent physical strength.

4. When bathing, shower point toward the breast:

temperatures. Changes in temperature and sprays the water will increase blood flow which can help breast becomes tight da looks beautiful.

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